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I Have Decided

Baptism is an important next step in the life of a believer that shows others we have trusted Christ for salvation. Being submerged under water represents the death and burial of Christ, then rising out of the water represents our identification with His resurrection. We believe that water baptism is a public profession of faith. It declares you are a follower of Christ, beginning a new and changed life and part of a new family of believers.

Baptism is…

  • Following Jesus’ example and obeying His command
  • An outward expression of the decision you’ve already made in your heart
  • A declaration that you are a follower of Christ
  • A declaration that you are beginning a changed life in Christ
  • A declaration that you are part of a new family of believers

Q: “When can I get baptized?”

Our water baptism services are scheduled at the conclusion of each Connect Group semester. Check our schedule of events for more details.

Q: “I’ve already been baptized, should I be baptized again?”

Baptism should signify your changed life in Christ. If your baptism didn’t reflect this changed life, we encourage you to take this step again.

Q: “Can my child be baptized?”

We’ll baptize anyone who understands what baptism symbolizes and has a desire to make that personal declaration. We encourage parents to partner with Connect Kids and Connect Students to help guide their children through these decisions.

Baby dedications

Some churches may practice the custom of infant baptism, which is intended to be a commitment between the parents and God on behalf of the child. At Connect Church, we perform baby dedications. This is a special time where parents commit with the Connect Church pastors and family to give their child back to God by committing to raise them with Biblical principles.

To schedule a baby dedication, please email