My Gift

Giving is worship

The Bible teaches us that we worship the Lord when we faithfully give our tithe.  A tithe is ten percent of our income, regularly contributed to the church.  At times we will feel called to give over and above the tithe and this is called an offering.

2 Ways To Give

1) Give Online

Commit to supporting the work of Connect Church each month by giving to our cause, online.  You can even setup recurring giving so your support can continue each month.
CANCEL "OLD" GIVING: We have updated to a new and improved online giving platform.  
Please cancel your recurring giving and setup on the
new, easier platform by July 1st, 2020.

2) Give on in-Person

You can bring your gift to any weekend service by filling out a contribution envelope found in the Service Guide and placing in an offering container.

Thank You!

We are truly grateful for your generosity in joining with us in our mission to make a difference with the life-giving message of Jesus Christ.